Take Your Favorite Videos With You No Matter Wherever You Go

If you love watching videos over the Internet, you must already be familiar with some of the video sharing sites. You probably have a list of your favorite sites and most likely a playlist filled with videos you love watching over and over again. If you would like to have access to them even though you are not connected to the Internet, there is now a great, innovative technique you can use in order to bring all of your favorite videos with you wherever you go. You can now freely download video from vimeo and store them either onto your computer, a smart phone or a USB drive.

What can I do with this downloader?

Not only you will be able to download a video from the site and keep it by using the vimeo video downloader, but you will also be able to choose an output format of the videos you have chosen to download. This can be any format from .avi to .mp4, and you can even have the audio extract from the video, if you would like to download a song or a music video of some sort. You will be able to convert multiple videos at once, without having to do that individually and use a lot of time for the conversion.

How do I convert a video?

This is a fairly popular service you can use for any of the videos you can find. The only thing you need would be the URL to the video. You will be prompted to input it before the video can be converted. Before the conversion starts, you will also be able to select the desired formats and perhaps several more videos you would like converted at the same time. After you have chosen all the parameters, you will quickly see the progress bars, for all of the videos you have selected and you will be able to monitor the download progress easily.


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