Learning How To Download Vimeo Videos With Or Without Restrictions

Vimeo is currently one of the most popular video sharing portals over the Internet. While it still has a long way to go in order to become a front runner, it does have a few major benefits that no other portal can offer. Generally speaking, it is often compared to YouTube because you can find all kinds of videos in there. With all these, there is one major difference between these two portals – the download button. While YouTube has never had such a button and will never implement it, Vimeo gives users the possibility to download the videos they enjoy. Whether it comes to popular music videos, tutorials, conferences, short movies or interviews, having them on your computer is only a matter of time. So how to download vimeo video?

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You do not need any sophisticated programs or complicated softwares to download video from Vimeo, but just pay attention to the page. Every video is displayed in an embed video player. As you look under the player, you will see the download button. Once you choose to download a file, you will end up with a brand new menu that provides several options, only to ensure that you get the desired quality. Of course, each video is available in different quality standards. For instance, you can find SD, HD or mobile versions. You can also find all of them for extra convenience. From that point on, the process becomes a lot easier.

With all these, there are a few so called problems that may arise. They normally depend on the browser you are using. There are situations when instead of popping up with the actual download menu, the video starts playing in the same tab or a different one, on the full screen too. In order to download the desired video, go to the File menu of your browser and choose the “Save as” button. Such problems can also be handled before the video actually opens. Just right click on the link and choose to save the file, rather than clicking on it. This solution works for both Linux and Windows users. On the other hand, MAC users have to do it differently. Basically, they need to hold down the Control key while clicking the download link. A new menu will pop up, so they can just choose to save the link.

When trying to learn how to download Vimeo video, you obviously want to become familiar with all the requirements and rules. Plus and PRO members obviously have more options. Besides, they may just as well prevent other people from downloading their stuff. You do not have to despair though. There are a few outside portals that can download any kind of video, regardless of the restrictions associated with it. Practically, you need to get the video URL, copy and paste it in such websites. They will do the trick for you and give you a new download button. Such a procedure is free of charge and can bypass all the limitations.


One thought on “Learning How To Download Vimeo Videos With Or Without Restrictions

  1. Lewis W. Marshall says:

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